Little bookworm

by thanuja on August 30, 2012

Its a little difficult to hear Anusha’s voice clearly through the monitor as I lay reading The Thirteenth Tale in my own bedroom, but it is so entertaining that I had to put my wonderful read down for the most wonderful…

“No more cupcakes… more, more…” is what I hear through the monitor.  My daughter reading Pinkalious in her crib while attempting a nap, and a very late one at that too (it’s 2:40!)!  Oh how I love when she reads… music to my ears.  That and when she sings… it didn’t get any better when she sang Rocky-A-By-Baby along with me today :)  Now she has proceeded to singing… which is no surprise considering that I still sing to her often before nap/bed-time.  Ahhh… how I wish I could record her sweet little voice from another room!  It’s almost 3:00, and I wonder how late she’ll nap today.

Sometimes I wish I had a voice recorder with me at all times – switched ON at all times!  I understand that’s not practical but these are memories I want to cherish forever.



Welcoming the Terrible Twos with…

August 15, 2012

Expectation.  Expectation that we can actually deal well with it! I realize that my last post was over a month ago.  During the time that has passed since, we celebrated Anusha’s 2nd with her little friends at the park, and then we made a big trip out to San Diego.  Grandma and Grandpa visited a [...]

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Workin’ on My Fitness

July 6, 2012

While I burn some calories every Friday morning in my Zumba class, Anusha has been spending an hour at the childcare provided at the fitness center.  Only problem is: she is not a happy camper  The first session went really well, but as she caught on to the idea of being left there without mama, [...]

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Springtime Activities

June 21, 2012

Anusha has certainly been a busy little bee this spring with back-to-back classes over the past few months.  We started the season with parent-and-me preschool classes at Lakeshore Rec. Center, which is practically right outside our home.  The Friday morning classes were an hour-long, and filled with activities that encourage fine motor-skills, craft-projects and circle-time. [...]

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Father’s Day 2012

June 18, 2012

Mike celebrated his second Father’s Day with Anusha on Sunday.  What did he want?  To spend time with his two favorite girls (that’s what he said!) – but wait there is something else – CHERRY PIE! Here’s Mike with a personalized gift from Anusha… a plate that she painted herself at Laurel St. Arts in [...]

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June 9, 2012

We love this children’s museum and zoo at Cayote Point for several reasons: (1) its only a 10-minute drive from us, (2) it has several interesting science exhibits to explore and is very engaging, (3) we get to meet some cool animals during the outdoor classroom sessions, and (4) they only keep those animals that [...]

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A Fun Place for the Craft Lover

June 2, 2012

The Children’s Museum at Yerba Buena Gardens in SF is a fun place for kids.  We learned about all the fun activities they had from Anusha’s (parent-and-me)preschool teacher Ms Jacklyn.  She had clearly picked up on Anusha’s affinity towards the art projects that were set up in class.  It turned out to be a great suggestion. We spent an [...]

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